Ayurveda and Beauty

Oilcraft Naturals was founded in 2009 to bring premium quality skin and hair care products to everybody who genuinely cared about a non-chemical route to beauty and wellness. A lot of research and consultation with Ayurvedic ‘vaidyas’ went into the recipes and formulations which we endeavor to bring to you as our wellness and spa range.

Oilcraft Naturals believes that living in harmony with the cosmic law is an Ayurvedic way of life. Certain disciplines have to be followed in all walks of life to achieve the goal of wellness. According to Ayurvedic theory health results from harmony between a person’s emotional, physical and mental balance.

To meet Ayurveda teaches us that true beauty is one which can be derived from nature and natural derivatives like plants, herbs, barks, rinds, flowers and fruits. A simple rule of the thumb is that whatever is good enough to eat is always good enough to put on your skin. Since times immemorial, our mothers have been using the kitchen larders as their primary source of beauty products. Ingredients like turmeric, yoghurt, clove, fennel, cinnamon, cardamom, gram flour & many more have stood by the Indian women and her inner beauty for thousands of years now and will continue to do so, with the modern woman becoming aware of the power of Ayurveda. One of her primary concerns is a beauty ritual which is effective, yet not overpowering and is simple to use. To meet this tall order, the team at Oilcraft Naturals has worked tirelessly to bring out an entirely natural range of herbal products , which are pleasantly fragrant, easy on the skin and hair and simple enough for daily use.

One of the earliest products which came to be a trendsetter of sorts were our delicate face and body mists in rose, khus, kewra, sandalwood, mogra & panch-pushp. This was the origins of a company which caters to several wellness and beauty companies in India and overseas , stocks at heritage & luxury properties and retails from many environment -friendly or ‘green’ stores in Indian metros.

Though our parent company has been in production and processing of fragrances for almost a century now, it is only now that wellness and beauty have become our stronghold, as we have grown in customer loyalty and product range.

One of the interesting and a powerful aspect of product development at Oilcraft Naturals is active customer feedback. Our huge customer database is something that we use constantly to get feedback and ask for opinions. Most of our new products have been developed keeping in mind what people want, and was missing in the market.

The ancient Indian science of ‘jyotish’ or Vedic astrology has been our other guiding force, which accurately prescribes which essential oil to use for each sun sign of the zodiac to promote well-being and confidence. Based on this research , our team has developed an entire range of essential oil blends and spa products for each zodiac sign for optimal benefit.

Our vision is to provide premium quality bath & body products to each discerning individual who values Ayurveda and natural recipes . Simple, effective & easy to use treatments that bring Ayurveda to each doorstep and inside every home. We try to constantly simplify Ayurvedic treatises

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