Oilcraft Naturals Anti Acne Regime Review

Voice of the Customer

Dr. Gorika Bansal

New Delhi, India
March 2016

Hello everyone I would like to thank the Oilcraft Naturals team and for helping my skin problem out . I had breakouts over the forehead for ages now , and since I started using the mint face wash and their anti dandruff regime – almond oil with tea tree and lavender and shampooing withe their anti dandruff shampoo ., I see the difference . It’s much better and I’m on the way to getting flawless skin . Not yet there but yes I believe and I feel I shall get there soon .

This is when I’ve a very sensitive skin where in I can’t apply any product as I get redness and stinging .

So OCN team , kudos for making such brilliant natural products that are skin friendly yet taking care of the skin problems , the herbal way !

OCN Rose water Mist and Green Tea Mint Shampoo Review

Voice Of the Customer

Ashima, Ghaziabad, India
November 2015

The OCN rose water is really like a genie in a bottle and I have to agree, it has done wonders to my skin .

Working on computer for 8 hrs everyday results in tired eyes, the Rose water has immensely helped in soothing them and getting the spark back

The Green tea and Mint shampoo has worked for my hair. They have not looked this good in ages and I’m addicted. Just finished a bottle and on my way to get another one. I am amazed that you don’t need conditioners post these shampoos. Guess its the natural ingredients doing their work.

Love It!

Cutting down Stress and Inner ‘pollution’

Here are some simple changes to make to you daily life to reduce your stress and enhance happiness These tips have been gleaned from my daily interactions with people, so feel free to disagree or add to these

*The first step is to consciously cut down stress. This means that you will need to de-clutter your life by hoarding less, buying just what you need and distributing resources with friends and family

*Plz remember that while your wealth is yours, the resources belong to the society and must be shared by everyone. When one person over utilizes the resources he puts pressure on the economy to overproduce and over pollute. Such mindless consumerism is avoidable and sensible at the same time

*We hear about ahimsa often. Ahimsa must be utilized out of its current context of vegetarianism to make it more appealing. Vegetarianism is great since this food is easier to digest and replenish but ahimsa should be practiced in thoughts and actions too. A vegan person who is ill treating his family and constantly harbors

negative thoughts hasn’t really been true to ‘ahimsa’ you see.

*Simplify your life. Too many material possessions drain our accounts, energies and attention. They also keep us away from values. Reduce your time and goal commitments. You will feel a big load off your chest immediately.

*Use fewer words and be mindful of what you say. It should be simple and honest. Avoid gossip. Learn to switch off social media, cellphones and tv and just relish a big book.

*Give up multi-tasking. I am a compulsive multi-tasker but have realised that the quality of my work is hampered . So take it easy and lastly never compare anything or anyone to another. Be kind to every person you meet and you will automatically have a life well lived, not survived

Premium Ayurveda- Uncompromised & Affordable!

Voice Of the Customer

Mohini Mishra
Mumbai, India

January 2016

Although I am new to your products and have been using them for only a week I realised this fact only after a few uses.the quality of the ingredients isn’t compromised,the labels state each and every ingredient used in the product,the best thing is your constant non hesitant approach.

Trust me, I have used every other product from the big brands . My earlier perception used to be if the product is expensive its because of excellent quality, hard to find ingredients, beautiful packaging an i always thought that products that retailed at a lower price are inferior.

But you have CHANGED my perception completely!!!

Every product purchased earlier would leave a huge hole in my pocket and i would think it was possible to continue with them due to the changing economic climate. Must say, I’m so glad to have discovered Oilcraft Naturals . Its extremely affordable, the products suit me better than any other brand, the quality is exceptional and the packaging simple and pretty. You would be surprised that my other expensive purchases are just sitting on the shelves.

I used your products for the first two days and saw an instant change in my skin. so why go for other brands, when I have Oilcraft Naturals which is extremely luxurious since its prepared with care using the best quality ingredients and in fresh small batches.

You should add this ditty to your Corporate tag line-

OCN Green Tea & Mint Shampoo plus Conditioner Review

Abhilasha Veeraraghavan
Chennai, India
March 2016

Dandruff free hair after 4 uses after using the OCN green tea and mint shampoo!!!! My sister was using a shampoo and conditioner from another brand and didn’t want to change to OCN shampoo. After seeing how my hair was, she used the OCN shampoo today and you should just see the happiness on her face 😁 and my mom was very adamant not to switch brands as she loves her lancome cosmetics which contains a hell lotta chemicals. After a lot of drama, she finally let me to apply the anti acne serum and rose water mist for her and trust me not a day goes by when she doesn’t admire her skin.
You just passed a herculean task of making my mom fall in love with your products 😃. Count me in as a permanent and loyal customer for life!

The Art & Science Of Steam Distillation

So, you have tried and loved the facial mists and have swooned over the silky goodness it brings to your skin. Oilcraft Naturals does three divine versions in retail which are the Rose, Mogra and the Panchpushp.

Most of you write and tell us how therapeutic and fresh these mists feel on your face. They relax inflammation, soothe zits and restore the youthful glow that you once had. These benefits are derived solely due to the process of steam distillation, which is one of the purest and most refined methods of oil and distillate extraction.

Although there are references to distillation in ancient Persia and Greece, distillation is still the most common process of extracting essential oils from plants. The advantage of distillation is that the volatile components can be distilled at temperatures lower than the boiling points of their individual constituents and are easily separated from the condensed water.

In simple words, jets of steam are made to pass through flowers/fruit/bark. These powerful jets prod the essential oils out from these substances into large receiving vats . The vapours are cooled by a larger chamber of ice cold water. Condensation causes the flower laden vapours to collect in a separate chamber and voila your fragrant potion is ready and waiting!

The biggest advantage of the facial mist undergoing steam distillation is that , having undergone the same process as the essential oil, they contain all the primary healing properties of the parent oil.

No wonder , they help you look the way you do.

Spot Reduction- Myth or Reality?

Perhaps, like many people, you tend to overdose on gujiyas and laddoos during the holidays. Or maybe the final exams and year closing and late-night runs to ice-cream shops are catching up with you. If nothing else ,then certainly the famous middle age spread that has become part of life.

Either way, you may have been tempted at one time or another to use specialized exercise machines supposedly designed to deliver six-pack abs or buns of steel. But can selectively targeting certain body parts truly result in localized fat loss? Infomercials and even some fitness magazines would certainly like you to believe so. Scientific studies, however, suggest otherwise.

Targeted fat loss, also known as “spot reduction,” is a popular idea partly because it appeals to our intuition. After all, it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that the fat you burn while exercising comes from the area around the muscles you are using.

A group of Yale students conducted an interesting study on Tennis players. These players constitute a population whose right and left arms have been consistently subjected to very different amounts of exercise over several years. Consequently, if spot reduction were a valid concept, one would expect the players’ dominant arms to have thinner layers of subcutaneous fat compared to their non-dominant arms. When the researchers measured the thickness of subcutaneous fat at specific points along the players’ arms, however, they found no statistically significant difference between right and left arms.

The reason is that many of the exercises commonly associated with spot reduction do not actually burn many calories – and if you are not burning enough calories, you are not going to lose much fat from anywhere in your body. (Keep in mind that one pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories.) In fact, you are more likely to shed your love handles by taking up a running program than by doing crunches and sit-ups every day, simply because cardiovascular exercise is a much more efficient calorie-burner.
Weight training can also help to achieve optimal results. It is important to maintain your muscle mass because you will not achieve a toned look if you lose lean tissue along with fat. Finally, good nutrition is essential. After all, even if you burn 500 calories by exercising, you will not end up losing any fat if you also consume 500 more calories than usual.

In fact what most gym trainers do is that they misinform us to believe that it is possible. A 100 push ups will never get you a toned chest or back. It will just give you pain and a nasty burn which is further mistaken to be the ‘good effect’ of the grueling exercise, or the exercise having effect. The burn is simply the lactic acid in your muscles being used up and causing pain. Entirely avoidable.

Fad exercises or diets never work. It’s simply impossible for a person to influence where their body draws the fat that is metabolized into energy. Each person’s body has a natural pattern of where fat is added or dropped — some people will lose fat from their stomachs first, while others get slimmer hips.

It would be great if spot reduction were possible. In such a world, you would be able to focus on improving the areas of your body that cause you the most distress. Looking good would be much easier. Sadly, that’s not the case. This is life.
Now get up and run around the block!