Facts about vegetarianism!

When we declare ourselves vegetarian, two things are possible-
In a group, every single person will either act like you were insane, saying things like “I would die without meat!” (Obviously, you wouldn’t, because I’m still alive, but okay, I get what you’re exaggeratedly saying).Secondly, some supporters would say things like wow, how do you do that or isn’t vegetarianism great as its kind and safe and all those things.
Then if you belong to India , where nearly 80% of the population is vegetarian, this is nearly way of life for us and we survive very well outside India too because vegetarian food is everywhere and easily available too.
The world in general has varied views of what being a vegetarian means, so let’s clear some things up here:
1. Being a vegetarian does not mean that we only eats fruits and vegetables.
Sure, one does make a more conscious effort to eat a plant-based diet. But they also eat heaps of pasta, bread, and sweets. We still have plenty of tasty options when it comes to food, not all of them being good for health. Being healthy is a great thing, whether as a vegan, meat eater, or vegetarian. But it is still so easy to continue to eat processed junk that being a vegetarian does not automatically equal being a health junkie.
2. Being a vegetarian is not a religion.
Usually when a new person finds out that you are vegetarian, they get defensive about eating meat. It is not someone’s prerogative to judge what you decide to put in your body. My maiden family was and are meat eaters and I was one for the first 20 years of my life . So please, do not feel like you have to defend yourself to anyone.
I am not judging you. Just because I made the choice to stop consuming meat, it does not mean that I am part of a clan that goes around preaching the “vegetarian agenda.”
I am a normal human being, just like carnivore humans–and I am not here to judge you.
3. Being vegetarian does not mean I eat chicken.
If you are laughing at that sentence, I understand. It’s absurd. But there is a reason I felt the need to type it out. I have been asked that question so often, I almost expect it when someone finds out I don’t eat meat. I also don’t eat fish. Just thought I should clarify.
4. Being vegetarian does not mean I don’t eat enough protein.
We get plenty of protein through whole grains, beans, nuts, and other plant based sources. We take a B-12 vitamin daily, as it is hard to find enough B-12 through non-animal food sources. But I still have plenty of energy. I probably feel about as tired as every other full time, overly stressed, typical adult feels.
5. Being a vegetarian is very easy.
If one can plan in advance, being a vegetarian is easy. Its easier on the pocket and easy on the digestive tract too. How tough can it be to shop for fruits, grains and vegetables after all?
Still, vegetarians get a bad reputation. For the most part, I understand where that stereotype comes from. But believe me, most vegetarians are normal people who are making a lifestyle choice that is abnormal. I chose to be vegetarian to protect our beautiful green planet and to help animal welfare. I am not going to exhort my choices, but I am happy to educate if you ever want to know more about my decision to eat this way.

WiFi is a Killer inside your homes. Beware!


We want to just stay connected these days. even at the cost of our health.

Our wireless devices like phones and tablets use routers to connect online. The router emits WLAN signals – electromagnetic waves that can cause a lot of damage. They practically fry up the brain cells and are known to even cause cancer.
We ignore this fact because we practically have no knowledge of it. Given time, these signals harm the body. A study conducted by a European Health Agency has proven that routers hinder the growth of people and plants. In Netherlands, a bunch of trees were exposed to WiFi signals and they practically died out in a few months.

Symptoms of WiFi Damage-

• chronic fatigue
• pain in the ears
• lack of concentration
• frequent strong headaches
• sleep issues
We can’t live without technology – that’s a fact. But we need to learn how to protect ourselves from its harmful effects. Here we have some advice on how to use the router safely or at least lower the potential damage.

How to protect children from electromagnetic waves:

• Disconnect WiFi programs before bedtime
• Turn off WiFi when it is not used
• Replace your home wireless phones with cable ones
• Avoid router in the kitchen and bedroom

If possible rely on mobile connections and not routers for data downloads. They may be more expensive but are cheaper than hospital bills.

Why does one need natural products?

Quite a few patrons write to us daily and one of the biggest discussion point is our basket of products

You express your disbelief about a small range of products being able to solve a host of issues.. Reactions ranged from “are u sure?” To ” but what about my oily/dry/problem skin? Dont I need different products?”

How can a product off the shelf work for anyone who picks it up without a proper understanding of you lifestyle, medication history, age, allergies and stress factors? Just an MNC gimmick to sell you a plethora of products which don’t work and push u into a cycle of blind consumerism

The answer is No! You need just a few good products to improve and maintain you skin on a daily basis. Oily and dry skins are problems not conditions that need to be continued. They need to be cured and fixed instead of being given more products to continue the issues.please understand this clearly.

Think again before u pick up another tube or tub from your salon or pharmacy and douse yourselves with chemicals 🚫

Healing Chakras with Essential Oils

Here’s how to heal chakras with essential oils. Apply lightly on pulse points or vaporise in a diffuser

Essential oils can be used in different ways to open the chakras. Using the oils mentioned in the chart given start with using them in diffusers. For upper chakras of head and throat use lavender. Then move on to use them in Bath and t to massage the head, temples, ajna preferably using a carrier oil. You can use rosemary essential oil for your basic chakra. For soothing loving energies use rose essential oil on solar plexus and area around it. Essential oils aid in opening the chakras, but for complete , healthy chakras you also need to take healing sessions.

Chakras are in your energy body also called etheric body. And they are centers of energy vortices. Different chakras are responsible for different organs and systems in your physical body.

Open up the chakras means to remove any excessive unrefined energies from them so that they function properly. Which means, then your organs under respective chakras also respond correspondingly and function healthier.

Whats Ahimsa Really?

What is Ahimsa actually?

Ahimsa is a modern day buzzword. have you wondered what it truly is and how to practise it ?
Ahimsa must be utilized out of its current context of vegetarianism to make it more appealing. Vegetarianism is great since this food is easier to digest and replenish but ahimsa should be practiced in thoughts and actions too. A vegan person who is ill treating his family and constantly harbours negative thoughts hasn’t really been true to ‘ahimsa’ you see. A constantly frustrated person who is venting his negativity on kids and partner isn’t true to ahimsa. Neither is a statesman who is seeking glorification via rules that make a common man unhappy. You need to be at peace with yourself first

Summer Foods to help stay cool

Foods can help you stay cool this summer!

It’s summer and it helps when we know that just tweaking your food intake can help I stay cool or even warm. Much like the thermostat button we hit all day to stay comfortably warm or cool.

Taseer is an Arabic word which brilliantly captures the essense of ayurvedic properties of all foods

Taasir means the impact that the food has on our bodies with their own energies. So summers should mean cooling foods with cold energies

Milk and dairy products, bananas, rice, barley, cold liquids, melons, cucumbers and bel fruit have an amazing cold taasir so up their intake to naturally stay cool

Tip-avoid overeating because when you overeat your body shifts energies from cooling down to digestion. This can make you feel warmer

Oilcraft Naturals Loves a Fruit Infusion Water Detox

How about some water based detox?

Here’s what-

Detox Water Recipe

1 Orange
1 Lemon
1 Cucumber
1 inch ginger
2 sprigs of Mint

🍋Cut the ingredients into slices with their skins and place in a glass jug. Place the mint sprig whole.

🍋Gently pour water into the jug and fill up. That’s it!

🍋Wait for about 15mins and allow the water to get infused.

🍋Drink 1-2 glasses, first thing in the morning. Consume the entire detox water over the day instead of water.

For even better results, make this recipe overnight and let the infusions seep into the water.

Note: Discard the left over fruits. Do Not Consume!

Detox / Infused water carries high nutrient value and valuable anti oxidants that flushes out all the toxins of the body. Secret to a flat belly, healthy glowing skin, and better digestion.

Believe me, your colon will thank you after this.

Inner Pollution and Stress

Inner pollution

Pollution and green living have been hitting the headlines for a bit now. Here are some simple changes to make to you daily life to reduce your stress

‪#‎The‬ first step is to consciously cut down stress. This means that you will need to de-clutter your life by hoarding less, buying just what you need and distributing resources with friends and family. Please remember that while your wealth is yours, the resources belong to the society and must be shared by everyone. When one person over utilizes the resources he puts pressure on the economy to overproduce and over pollute. Such mindless consumerism is avoidable and sensible at the same time

‪#‎We‬ hear about Ahimsa often. Ahimsa must be utilized out of its current context of vegetarianism to make it more appealing. Vegetarianism is great since this food is easier to digest and replenish but ahimsa should be practiced in thoughts and actions too. A vegan person who is ill treating his family and constantly harbours negative thoughts hasn’t really been true to ‘ahimsa’ you see.

‪#‎Use‬ fewer words and be mindful of what you say. It should be simple and honest. Avoid gossip. Learn to switch off social media, cellphones and tv and just relish a big book.

‪#‎Simplify‬ your life. Too many material possessions drain our accounts, energies and attention. They also keep us away from values. Reduce your time and goal commitments. You will feel a big load off your chest immediately.

‪#‎Give‬ up multi-tasking. I am a compulsive multi-tasker but have realised that the quality of my work is hampered . So take it easy and lastly never compare anything or anyone to another. Be kind to every person you meet and you will automatically have a life well lived, not survived

How Green Do you Live and Eat?

Check on how environment-Friendly you really are(or could be)-

‪#‎For‬ breathing easy indoors diffuse a few drops of blended eucalyptus, lemon grass, peppermint and lemon essential oils. Use it as a chest rub IN almond oil to avoid stuffy noses and disrupted sleep

‪#‎Purchase‬ and eat fruits and veggies which are in the season and buy them from local vendors. When you buy say a kiwi or an imported apple, u have put your health at risk by betting on a stale product which has been doused with preservatives to look fresh. This will typically have no nutritional value. The mantra therefore is ‘ eat local, think global’

‪#‎Avoid‬ the fragrant aerosol sprays and electric fresheners. They just bring chemicals into your lives. Burn essential oils of camphor, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass and orange to instantly kill bacteria and perk up your space.. Add plants to your rooms and balconies.

‪#‎As‬ your budget allows, switch over to hardwood furniture from laminated boards. Keep humidity levels low to avoid germ build -up.

‪#‎Stop‬ using all chemical laced personal products incl hair colours which poison you slowly and switch to greener alternatives even if they are a little expensive since anything will be cheaper than hospital bills!

‪#‎Not‬ much can be done to reduce outdoor pollution except reforestation and reducing the carbon footprint of all human processes. However some quick methods to reduce indoor pollution is to ban all toxic and chemical based cleaning products and replace them with essential oils like citronella in your mopping bucket.

#”Eat local, think global” – simple yet profound words !

Eat what your great grand parents ate. The necessary enzymes to digest the food we eat, take years and generations to develop.

A simple thumb rule is to eat what your mom ate when she was expecting you. Generational diet becomes your food DNA which is always assimilated better. Eating Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Malaysian could be variety and you may be getting them out of your system too, but it is not always ‘digested’. Mostly in the absence of the right enzymes, the foreign food is ‘fought out’ by the body’s defense system, including RBCs and WBCs.
Having ‘alien’ food thus weakens the defense system slowly and takes away body’s immunity.