Why Do we Overeat?

We eat too much .No wonder we are an overweight generation.

“Why is it that the normal diet is three meals a day plus snacks?” This isn’t the healthiest eating pattern and now there is a lot of evidence to support that.

There are a lot of pressures to have that eating pattern, there’s a lot of money involved.

The food industry — are they going to make money from skipping breakfast like I did today? No, they’re going to lose money.

If people fast, the food industry loses money. What about the pharmaceutical industries? What if people do some intermittent fasting, exercise periodically and are very healthy, is the pharmaceutical industry going to make any money on healthy people?”

The answer is no, the food industry makes you fat and then the fitness industry makes you lose the pounds that you gain by eating too much. In either case you are paying up without realizing the game at work.

Eat only as much as what makes you feel happy and satisfied. Don’t overstuff and definitely don’t waste.  Don’t eat just because your friends are eating or because a family member will be upset.

Buy less, cook less and eat smaller portions. Don’t fall into the trap of industries that make money when you get fat , when you fall sick and also when you get thinner.

Eat to live and not the opposite!

Oilcraft Naturals Review

Voice of the Customer

Veenu Arora

July 2016
Allahabad, India

Hello..maybe I am not as active as some other friends in our group and our busy schedule too doesn’t allow us to respond immediately…..I read ALL the messages at my leisure as it’s for our wellness…and keep inspiring my family and friends too to adopt the products…

In fact just yesterday someone remarked that…DO YOU OWN OCN THAT YOU ARE SO CONFIDENT OF THEM????couldn’t help but get pissed off😂😂😂

Himalayan salt lights your way!


Himalayan salt is not just an ordinary salt. It has less sodium than regular salt and is considerably full of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. Himalayan salt aids you in a number of ways, ranging from promoting healthy digestion to helping you lower your blood pressure, therefore also improving your cardiovascular health. Regular salt is FAR from this powerful.

To make these lamps, large, crystalline chunks of this healthy salt are used. Believe it or not, having this pretty pink, salty illumination in your home can do an even greater amount of things for your overall health than just consuming it alone.

Himalayan salt lamps can help you with many commonly suffered conditions, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Blood disorders
  • Allergies
  • Skin problems
  • Respiratory issues

You and I, just like all human beings and living things, are bioelectric in nature. You have particles that are electrically charged and therefore, affect the way you feel or behave. A balance between positive and negative ions contributes to your health, well-being, mental health and emotions, according to Assistant Professor, G. S. Rahi at Fayetteville State University.

Himalayan salt lamps help your body to create this balance.

Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain. This is incredibly beneficial to your health, because it leads to more mental energy and higher alertness. Imagine what you could do with all that energy?!

Himalayan salt lamps also protect you from germs in the air, leading to less allergies, irritations and sneezing. Of course, the lamps won’t clean for you… vacuuming still remains your job. Still, they can help you to keep your home healthy.

Best Places To Keep Your Himalayan Salt Lamps

It is also important for you think  about where you place these lamps. Don’t think only about decorating purposes, but rather, think about where their balancing effect would be the most beneficial in your life. Bedrooms are common locations, as well as living rooms and kitchens. If you are unsure or want to ensure full benefits, just decorate your entire place with them. Trust me, your body and your mind will thank you!