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Manjari Saxena
August 2016

It’s been about 5 months that I have been using different OCN products….
To start with, as mentioned earlier the cocoa & Shea butter is indeed miraculous…. My daughter & now my mom are great fans of it…. It provides immense & immediate relief in any kind of rashes.

I am currently following the OCN anti acne regime & believe you me I don’t remember last when my skin felt so clear…. Add the polish ( pavitra) to it and your skin feels wow!!! In fact people around have noticed a remarkable change in my skin….
I was very worried about my daughter’s hair quality…. Was always looking out for a shampoo which would cleanse well but at the same time not have too many chemicals & its its effects till I found OCN’s honey & vanilla shampoo…. I am now not only relieved of not having to use too many chemicals for her gentle hair but also see an improvement in the quality…
Not to forget the Rose mist, the kumkumadi & the collagen mask…the face wash.

Never really trusted or used any skincare products… As a result it was in a really bad shape till I started using OCN & with each new product I try I fall more in love with my own self….thank the stars for introducing us to OCN…

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