Amaranth Or Ramdaana -The Wonder Grain

Amaranth or Raandana is an answer to the high Fibre and low glycemic index food we have all been looking for. The solution for healthy foods should be directed inwards instead of towards foreign grains like quinoa and chia . This will ensure a fresher product and you will also help sustain local farming of these crops.

The word ‘Amaranth’ is derived from the Greek term ‘amarantos’ meaning ‘unwithering’. The term was applied to Amaranth for its hearty characteristics that for the people that used it, came to symbolize immortality.

The Hindi term for Amaranth, Ramdana, means God’s own grain. This bountiful seed is grown all throughout India from the high slopes of the Himalayas to the many coastlines of the country. Numerous different Amaranth varieties are grown throughout the country, but the Himalaya region is know as the Amaranth ‘centre for diversity’ for the number of varieties that grow in the region.

This crop has been called ‘Incan Wheat’ because it was a staple food for the Incas, but was used long before this time. Today the grain often goes by the name kiwicha.

In North America/Europe where this crop is sometimes sold, it occasionally goes by the name ‘love-lies-bleeding’ due to its bright, fluorescent colour ranges.😄

Amaranth Greens are known as Chaulai ka Saag. It is easily available in summer ,easy to cook and very beneficial. It comes in two varieties red and green. The red one is also known as Laal Saag.

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