Natural Cure for Cervical Spondylosis

Drugs prescribed to relieve pain or relax muscles in cervical spondylosis do not cure the disease.

These can become habit forming and may actually perpetuate the condition in case of excessive intake.
Certain safety measures, especially for people in sedentary occupations, are necessary to relieve and prevent spondylosis. The most important of these is exercise which improves the supply of nutrients to spinal discs, thereby delaying the process of deterioration that comes with age and eventually affects everybody. Safe exercises include walking, swimming and bicycling. The latter should be done keeping the back upright.

Other exercises found beneficial in the treatment of cervical spondylosis are joint movements like folding and unfolding of fingers, moving the wrists up and down, rotating them in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, folding and unfolding of the forearms and rotating the shoulder clockwise and anti-clockwise;. head and neck exercises like moving the neck up and down, moving to the sides, rotating the neck clockwise and anti­clockwise and nodding the neck from one shoulder to another; and shoulder exercises like lifting the shoulders up and down, moving the shoulder in clockwise and in anti­clockwise directions. All these exercises should be undertaken three times daily.

Those with sedentary occupations should take a break to stand up every hour. Soft-cushioned seats should be avoided and position should be changed as often as possible. Elderly persons with spondylosis should sleep on a firm mattress on their sides with knees bent at right angles to the torso. They should use thin pillows or avoid it altogether, if possible. They should take care never to bend from the waist down to lift any object, but instead should squat close to the object, bending the knees but keeping the back straight and then stand up slowly.

Thrice a day application of blended oils like 5drops each of eucalyptus, lemongrass and lavender with 10 drops frankincense in Sesame oil will help in pain management

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