Navratri and the Indian on a ‘vrat’


It’s navratri time and everyone around us seems to be on a special diet. Makes you wonder if religion makes you thin or fat

The ancient idea about vrat or diet was detoxification. Detox happens when you allow a gentle cleansing of your lymphatic and digestive systems…not when you stuff yourselves with more poori- aaloo

Here’s a healthier way to eat this time and not just during navratri. Do this anytime you feel like instead of waiting for a religious or social occasion..health is a virtue and fitness is needed to have a fuller life.
It’s time we start losing weight for ourselves than for a wedding or a prom

Here’s how to detox whenever you feel lethargic or out of energy

🎯eat small meals about the size of your palm through the day
🎯stay hydrated with water and high water content foods
🎯indulge in veggies and fruits and eat as little of cereals and pulses to give the digestion a break
🎯avoid all processed food like maida, sugar and salt. These three are main culprits in an unhealthy diet
🎯try avoiding anything out of a box or carton..you will automatically eat better

Simple meal options👇🏾
Milk with roasted nuts/veggie daliya/upma/poha
Khichdi with veggies /stuffed chapattis/rice with baked veggies
Roasted makhana khichdi/pumpkin soup/peneer tikka and salads

Do include a tbsp of desi ghee in every meal to heal the tissues and for absorption of the fat soluble micronutrients.

Stop linking food to religion!

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