The Good and the Bad on Oats


Oats are one of the most misunderstood grains of all times. Most people don’t know how to utilize them well so we either love them or hate them.

Here’s the full dope on oatmeal and how to optimise their usage

Oats have been grown in India since 15th century as livestock feed – for cattle and horses.
It is the mainstay diet for temperate countries like Scotland, Iceland, Russia, Canada and NW Europe as can be grown twice an year as an annual crop.
As per FDA -USA and JHCI-UK oat Beta glucan is cardio protective as it lowers blood cholesterol and LDL, controls blood pressure, blood sugar and glycemic index
Problem: fast to cook oats marketed in India by Pepsico are over-processed and contain low fiber and high carbohydrate


1. Quit eating instant oats
2. Oats seeds should be soaked overnight in water or milk and then prepared for breakfast
3. Oat biscuit or bread are good
In case you cannot do all this continue with multigrain parathas- wheat, ragi, bajra or idlis or daliya

Summary: oat is one of the best cereals but instant one minute oats are a sugar overdose so avoid.

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