No moon manifestations for the Millenials!


So much has been written and discussed about the significance of the new moon and most often we don’t quite understand what the fuss is about.

It’s quite scientific if you observe it carefully.

New moon or amavasya Manifestation (today) holds a special meaning.
The new moon is a clean slate where you can set an intention to receive what you desire for your greatest and highest good. A new moon ritual plants the seeds of those desires with sincere intent, ceremony, and symbolism at a time when the energetic vibrations are most receptive to growth. Gestation happens in the dark, nurtured by intention, trust, and faith. Intentions develop roots and new growth emerges, reaching for the light.

If there is somethi that you really want from the universe , this is the time to ask

Elements of the Ritual

A Sacred Space: A good place to begin the ritual will be quiet, uncluttered, and will feel positive and peaceful. You need a writing surface, paper, and a pen or markers. Because this is a ritual, choose paper and a pen that you find pleasing. Light a candle. Diffuse essential oils. Add crystals or anything else that feels good to you.

Intention: Center your energy with a few minutes of meditation or quiet breathing and let your thoughts come to rest. Think about where you are in life and listen to your inner guidance to help you decide what you most wish to manifest and receive. Write out your intentions. Do not make a long list. Choose one or two items that are most important at this time. Write your intention with a positive focus. Here’s an example:

“I am ready to receive ______ into my life for my greatest good and highest purpose with perfect divine timing, complete harmony, and with grace and ease. Thank you for this blessing.”

Money or wealth is not a good gift to ask. Ask for happiness and seek peace.
The new moon can gift you boundless energy and joy.

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