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Exam Time Essential Oils

It’s exam time and we have started getting calls from parents and children about anxiety and panic attacks..
the first tip usually is to ask the caller to relax and take a deep breath 🙂

There are plenty of examples around us where parents push the kids beyond their capacity to vicariously fulfil some unfinished dream. It never works out this way so don’t do it.

The other thing is to remember that nobody will remember these grades 10 years from now so why sweat? How many of us remember grade 6 marks from 20 years ago? None , Im sure.
Focus instead on the child absorbing and retaining what is taught in class..and then creatively presenting it again

Here’s a little tip to improve focus and relax during exam could prepare it in advance and burn around the study room(for the kids) and the living space (for the tiger moms and dragon dads)😤

Smooth Sailing Focus Blend

8 drops grapefruit EO5 drops basil EO
5 drops bergamot EO
2 drops lavender EO

Mix together in a small dropper bottle (5 ml)


6 drops to a bath 3 drops on a wet washcloth, rub all over your body while showeringDeep inhalations from a tissue/cloth or pocket squareAdded to an essential oil diffuser to fill your room

Calm and Concentrated Blend


1 tsp lavender EO1/2 tsp bergamot EO1/2 tsp geranium EO40 drops sandalwood orcedarwood EO10 drops chamomile EO


Combine oils in a small dropper bottle (15 ml, 30 ml)



In a small non-reactive bowl add 2 oz of your favorite massage oil (argan, coconut,sesame, sweet almond, jojoba,grapeseed,macadamia)Next add 4-6 drops of your calm and concentrated blendMix well.Massage all over your body

In the bath: Add 4-6 drops to your bath

Inhalation: Add 4-6 drops to a cloth, tissue or fill a pocket EO inhaler with mixture, inhale deeply

Diffusion: Fill your aromatherapy diffuser with as much of the mixture as you’d like

Alert and Aware Blends

These blends are recommended for diffusion.

Alert and Aware blend #1

14 drops Juniper EO8 Drops Pine EO8 Drops Rosemary EO

Alert and Aware blend #2

10 drops grapefruit10 drops lime5 drops black pepper5 drops peppermint

For blend #1 and #2 either apply to a diffuser or dilute with a base oil and add to a 1 oz glass dropper bottle. It can then be used as a stimulating massage oil.

Alert and Aware blend #3

This blend is meant to only be used in a diffuser

15 drops eucalyptus5 drops peppermint5 drops basil

Ayurveda is Indian!

For many years cosmetic giants like Estee Lauder and La Prairie have been researching Ayurvedic products and failing miserably at both the production and market testing.

This project has to be abandoned in both cases because Ayurveda doesn’t work as effectively outside the Indian subcontinent.Not to say that it won’t work at all but the results will certainly take longer to arrive

Ayurveda is NOT cosmetology. It is a science which was developed and researched by our ancestors about 5000 years ago .
Like any other science, it needs the 5 elements earth, air, water , fire and ether to produce results. Since it was developed in in Indian subcontinent , the ‘panch tatva’ specific to India produce the best results.

It’s time we embrace our own legacy and shun the chemical laced cosmetics that the west is dumping on us.

Time to make Ayurveda part of every home and every life!

Meditate to Relax

The world seems to be speeding up every day. We are working longer hours, we are busier than we have ever been before, the traffic is snarling more and more and our stress levels are going through the roof. The consequence to this is that more and more people are suffering from unparalleled stress and this can become dangerous and affect your ability to function effectively. One of the best tools to help you with stress is meditation.

The role of meditation is to slow your body and your mind down so that it gets to a point where it is easier for us to slow down and relax.

There are many techniques that you can use to meditate including a seated meditation or a lying down meditation. It is advisable to do the sitting method over the lying method because using the lying method so close to going to sleep you may tend to go to sleep rather than actually meditating. There is a clear difference between sleep and meditation.

The core difference is that during meditation your mind needs to be clear but focused where as during sleep, you do not want to be focused. You want nothing to be focused in your mind and you want your body and mind to get to that point where you shutdown.

Things to take care before meditating
1. Your meditation session should take no more than 20 minutes
2. Your meditation session should start 40 minutes prior to going to bed
3. Your meditation technique during the session should use either the deep breathing technique or basic number counting.
4. Do not drink alcohol, coffee, tea or any other caffeinated drink prior to sleep or you will affect the effectiveness of the meditation session.
Why you should Meditate?
Meditation is very important for you if you are facing any of these in your day to day life:
1. If you feel impatient all the time and snap easily at your partners or kids for any reason.
2. You feel there is lot going in your life and you are not getting time for yourself
3. You feel stressed, tired and worn out daily in day to day pressures at work or home
4. You feel dull and feel life is not worth living
5. You can’t focus on anything
6. You have a baby, you have home chores, you have so much to do and you feel irritated
7. You don’t get sound sleep at night and when you wake up next morning you feel lethargic and not fresh.
These all problems are more than enough for you to Meditate.

Meditation helps you to channelize your energy and bring peace to your mind, body and soul. The major benefits are as follows:

Greater peace of mind
Meditation gives us the opportunity to de-clutter and do some housekeeping of the mind. It’s not a time to organize thoughts, but rather to let your thoughts be. To put them aside and be present with yourself. As a result you’ll find a greater ease in living your daily life and finding peace of mind.

Greater self-awareness
Meditation helps us to reconnect with the present and experience our lives with self-awareness. We are then able to turn off the autopilot and respond to life as we truly want to – on our own terms and not based on the expectations of others or learned reactions and patterns.

Improved relationships
The self-awareness that meditation cultivates also helps us to see others more clearly, and with that clarity comes the opportunity to connect more deeply with others and build stronger relationships.

Respond to challenges with grace
Meditation helps us to relieve stress and see the present moment more clearly. As a result, we can better respond to challenges in a productive manner rather than react on autopilot and do or say things that we later regret

Increased energy
Meditation helps to calm your mind, but in doing so it also rejuvenates the body. Your mind and body are connected and will energize or drain the other depending on how you treat them.

Improved sleep
Meditation at any time of the day will help to calm your busy mind and improve your sleep. However, meditation in the evening has the added benefit of giving your body a break before bed. The rejuvenated, restful feeling you feel in your body after meditation, combined with a calm mind, is one of the keys to achieving your most restful sleep ever.

Improved focus
Meditation is an ideal solution. De-cluttering your mind, reducing stress and helping you to become self-aware are all ways in which meditation helps you to live in the moment and regain greater focus.

Improved physical health
Using meditation, we can better deal with and reduce the amount of stress in our lives. And, as a result, we can improve our health. The health benefits of meditation are difficult to quantify, but the personal experience of those who meditate regularly shows that there is a direct connection between meditation and improved health.

Still Skeptical? Take the 30 day meditation challenge and see for yourself.

Healing Chakras with Essential Oils

Here’s how to heal chakras with essential oils. Apply lightly on pulse points or vaporise in a diffuser

Essential oils can be used in different ways to open the chakras. Using the oils mentioned in the chart given start with using them in diffusers. For upper chakras of head and throat use lavender. Then move on to use them in Bath and t to massage the head, temples, ajna preferably using a carrier oil. You can use rosemary essential oil for your basic chakra. For soothing loving energies use rose essential oil on solar plexus and area around it. Essential oils aid in opening the chakras, but for complete , healthy chakras you also need to take healing sessions.

Chakras are in your energy body also called etheric body. And they are centers of energy vortices. Different chakras are responsible for different organs and systems in your physical body.

Open up the chakras means to remove any excessive unrefined energies from them so that they function properly. Which means, then your organs under respective chakras also respond correspondingly and function healthier.

Whats Ahimsa Really?

What is Ahimsa actually?

Ahimsa is a modern day buzzword. have you wondered what it truly is and how to practise it ?
Ahimsa must be utilized out of its current context of vegetarianism to make it more appealing. Vegetarianism is great since this food is easier to digest and replenish but ahimsa should be practiced in thoughts and actions too. A vegan person who is ill treating his family and constantly harbours negative thoughts hasn’t really been true to ‘ahimsa’ you see. A constantly frustrated person who is venting his negativity on kids and partner isn’t true to ahimsa. Neither is a statesman who is seeking glorification via rules that make a common man unhappy. You need to be at peace with yourself first

Inner Pollution and Stress

Inner pollution

Pollution and green living have been hitting the headlines for a bit now. Here are some simple changes to make to you daily life to reduce your stress

‪#‎The‬ first step is to consciously cut down stress. This means that you will need to de-clutter your life by hoarding less, buying just what you need and distributing resources with friends and family. Please remember that while your wealth is yours, the resources belong to the society and must be shared by everyone. When one person over utilizes the resources he puts pressure on the economy to overproduce and over pollute. Such mindless consumerism is avoidable and sensible at the same time

‪#‎We‬ hear about Ahimsa often. Ahimsa must be utilized out of its current context of vegetarianism to make it more appealing. Vegetarianism is great since this food is easier to digest and replenish but ahimsa should be practiced in thoughts and actions too. A vegan person who is ill treating his family and constantly harbours negative thoughts hasn’t really been true to ‘ahimsa’ you see.

‪#‎Use‬ fewer words and be mindful of what you say. It should be simple and honest. Avoid gossip. Learn to switch off social media, cellphones and tv and just relish a big book.

‪#‎Simplify‬ your life. Too many material possessions drain our accounts, energies and attention. They also keep us away from values. Reduce your time and goal commitments. You will feel a big load off your chest immediately.

‪#‎Give‬ up multi-tasking. I am a compulsive multi-tasker but have realised that the quality of my work is hampered . So take it easy and lastly never compare anything or anyone to another. Be kind to every person you meet and you will automatically have a life well lived, not survived