"I'd rather have roses in my gardens then jewels on my neck”
Empress of Hindustan
Circa 1620 A.D.

Stored in cut glass decanters and glass bottles of myriad hues, the world of attars is truly enchanting. Derived from Persian or Farsi, attar means fragrances or essence and is used to describe both the manufacture and application of aromatic oils. Attars are derived from plant extracts and have a range of rich scents. They can simply be individual oils or composed of an intricate blend of various oils placed in a natural base. According to a popular legend, attar was discovered by Empress Noorjehan, wife of Emperor Jehangir of the Mughal era. The story goes that she went for a morning bath and was delighted with the fragrance of the oily layer on the water which had been strewn with rose petals and left overnight , to keep it cool. When distilled, it turned out to be her favorite rose perfume or 'rooh'. Since then, she perfected and propagated this fine art which seduces the senses and promotes well-being. Her regal endorsements added an element of elegance and grandeur to this magical craft based on fine oils , which we endeavor to bring to you as Oilcraft Naturals